A Cougar Lovers Dream Cum True...

If you know who Nina Hartley is, then you're sure to know how much of a legend she is in the adult film industry, and in the bed! Nina is one of the finest cougars in the business, and continues to explore her own naughty needs and those of the ones she plays with. 

If you want more of Nina to yourself in the bedroom, then you're definitely in luck! This sexy starlet has officially created a perfect replica of her pristine pussy, and now you can take it home with you! 

The Nina Hartley Fleshlight Girls Cougar is the ultimate in life-like satisfaction! Made to mirror every detail of Nina's sweet spot, the fleshlight welcomes your member into the chamber with a firm, tight grip and a touch that only Nina's lips could offer. 

Key Benefits

  • Legendary porn star replica
  • Soft, supple vagina model 
  • Smooth surface for easy entry 
  • Increase or decrease pressure on your member
  • Interior textures add intense stimulation
  • Ideal for personal use
  • Hands-free capabilities
  • Easy to clean 

Using an ample amount of lubrication, slide your member into the chamber and feel the impressively-textured interior. The walls have textures discs throughout, and the stimulating bumps add to your already explosive experience. 

Want Nina to get tighter? Loosen or tighten the base cap, and feel as the pressure increases and decreases to your personal preference. The smooth, sleek design of the fleshlight makes it easy to hold and control, so you can decide when and how you cum. 

Looking for an easier session? Use your hands, or enjoy a hands-free experience by wedging the fleshlight between pillows, cushions and other tight spaces. Dip the cougar fleshlight in some warm water to heat it up, or watch as it naturally heats up to match your own temperature. 

You'll never need another toy again! To ensure it's longevity, be sure to clean your fleshlight after every use with warm water. Before storing away, ensure the entire product is dry both inside and out and use cornstarch in the case that it becomes sticky. 

For the best experience, choose your favorite lubrication and get things wet! Time to join in on the porn fun and set your own sexy scene! 

Product Specifications

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 10"
  • Special Features: Open Ended, Porn Star Mold, Realistic

Nina Hartley Fleshlight

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£38.99Sale Price