This clit sucking squirrel also comes with a vibrating tail that can reach the G spot. Mix it up and use either end depending on your mood or can be used as a couples toy, reaching your G spot and your partners clit at the same time.

10 different clit sucking modes and 10 vibration modes means there is plenty of fun to be had.



  • Suck and breathe - this little squirrel will bring more fun to your sex life! Its "mouth" can suck and breathe, stimulating sensitive parts of the body. Adjustable 10 suction modes to choose the feeling you like!
  • ♥ 10 vibration modes - the tail of this little squirrel is designed as a vibrator. From soft to strong, there are 10 vibration massage modes.


Squirrel Vibrating Sucker (Lilac)