Vimax Delay Spray - Product Description



Vimax delay spray is very easy to use and it provides an effortless way to solve ejaculation problem and allow such men to enjoy fulfilling sex life.  One of the best things men can enjoy in bed with their partner is prolonged sex and Vimax delay spray ensures prolonged happiness as it allows men to perform longer than usual time. 


The product is 100% safe to use and offers satisfying results without involving any sort of irritation or numbness. With just few sprays covering the head of the penis 10 minutes before penetrative sex, the user can enjoy a prolonged performance in bed. It helps couples enjoy upto 60 minutes of fun without any side effects.


Vimax Delay Spray is also meant for normal men who want to prolong their coital time. It doesn’t contain any toxic materials and it is safe for your skin. It is odourless and ozone-friendly and can be used with any branded condoms. 


Being sold in over 30 countries, Vimax has proven to be fast, safe and highly effective. For over 15 years Vimax has been helping several men across the world enjoy a prolonged enjoyment in bed.


How to use Vimax Delay Spray?


-          Shake the container well before every use.


-          Wash and clean your penis


-          Make a test spray on your arm and allow it to settle for 5 minutes during your first time use. See if your skin reacts to the delay spray. You should discontinue if skin develops some rashes or itching or burning sensation. Otherwise, you are ready to go.


-          Hold the can upright and spray 2-3 times or more (not to exceed 8 sprays) over the head and shaft of the penis


-          Wait for 15-20 minutes or little longer till it gets absorbed in your skin and now you are ready for penetration.


-          Make sure you don’t over spray, as it is dangerous and may lead to adverse reactions and even create permanent damage to your organ.


-          With practice you will come to know how many sprays you may need. 



Precautions to be followed while using Vimax Delay Spray


-          Vimax is generally safe and has no systemic effects. It is for external use only


-          Spray only required quantity to achieve desired results. Over spraying can become harmful. Excessive spraying at once may cause numbness of the penis and mild burning sensation. In such cases, consult your physician immediately.


Those suffering from myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition or liver damage should not use this product

Vimax Male Delay Spray 10ml